How to find the ip address from hotmail

How can I get hold of the original IP that it was sent from i e before it reached the hotmail server? Based on your post, you want to know the IP address used by the sender of an email you received. Allow me to assist you in this.

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This is a planned change on the part of Microsoft in order to secure the well-being and safety of our customers. Microsoft is in the path of continuously improving the online safety and security of its users. Any feedback regarding this concern would be treated with utmost attention.

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Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. A quick ip-location check used to grant me almost always with the needed information to recognize a scam. Now there is absolutely no ensurance or whatsoever who you are corresponding with, leaving me with no other option but to stop using e-mail for serious work, but only to register myself in websites.

Please do consider the threat you have created! The first Received header i. Ok, Microsoft hide the original IP from Headers. So, if I want to know the original IP, for example, legal propouses, how can I get it? Thank you for posting your concern here in Microsoft Community Forum.


It's my pleasure on helping you with your concern regarding how to locate originating IP in your messages. Due to recent changes in Outlook. Feel free to post back if you have other issues with Outlook.

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I tried the right click, View message approach and cannot see any "View message source". The specific way of performing this step depends on your email client. For example, for Yahoo! Open the message whose IP address you want to find.

How to Find Sender Details on Hotmail

Mail, click on the subject of the message. Have your email client display the full headers for the message. Mail, click on the "Actions" pull-down menu, then select "View full headers. Find the last line starting with "Received: from" before the body of the message. The sender's IP address is listed on that line between square brackets.

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Open a new Web browser window, then navigate to the query page of an IP address locator service. Many such free services are available see Resources. A month? There's no way to know.

Does Hotmail store everyone's IP addresses?

Microsoft's not saying. Finally, let's say the information you need is being logged, and it's being kept long enough for it to still be available.

What then? Microsoft will most certainly not just give it to you if you ask. Besides being a huge privacy risk, it would require more resources that Microsoft just doesn't have allocated to what is a free service. You get what you pay for and you're paying nothing.

Find an IP Address - Hotmail

Chances are the police can't just walk in and ask for it either, though I suppose it's possible. More likely is that the police or other law enforcement officials will have to go to court and get a court order forcing Microsoft to release the information they have. It sounds like it's quite an ordeal to get this information, and it needs to be. You don't want this information to be freely or easily available for privacy reasons. Making it difficult helps protect every Windows Live Hotmail user's privacy. The bottom line is that only law enforcement can tell you whether or not they can even try to get the information based on just how serious the issue you're facing is.

Depending on how far you want to take this you could also tell a friend tipped off to meet you at an event that isn't taking place. Wait out of site and see if the fellow turns up. If so, you have an issue. Hi leo.. Im trying to find the IP address in windos live hotmail,,i cant findthe display settings! Gmail has recently incorporated the feature you're asking about. Another reason to choose gmail over Hotmail. It tells you how your account was accessed browser, pop3, etc , from what IP and when.

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  3. Do it yourself.
  4. It keeps a log of the last 5 sessions. Just great for security! I think an ex girl friend has logged into my hotmail account. I have changed the passwords etc. But want to know if she has and could find that out if there was an IP log that I could audit as she lives in London does anyone know how I could find out if she someone has logged into my account from another city?