How to get a background check

You can choose between an agency that offers pre-set plans, one that offers a la carte options, or one that offers both.

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Use the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you to provide you with the information you need:. Most background check agencies charge per report.

Some companies offer bundled plans multiple screenings and checks you can conduct under one plan , and others offer them on an a la carte basis. Of the providers that offer preset background screening plans, typically, they offer a few tiered packages. Actual costs and checks conducted for each plan will vary based on the provider you choose, but below is an average of what you can expect in terms of the typical services included in your typical basic, mid-tier, and premium-tier plan and the average cost of these plans. Basic screening package Inexpensive plan to confirm a person's identity and criminal history.

Where To Get a Criminal Background Check?

In addition to the fee you'll pay for a report, be prepared to shell out capital on additional fees. You may also be charged third-party fees for specific checks, like education or employment verification, court fees and drug screenings.

These fees vary by state and provider. In our research, most background check agencies list pricing on their websites, but some did not, and that, in many cases, is because the provider offers screenings that you can mix and match. In these cases, you'll need to contact a representative for a price quote. With so many background check services available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your business. There are 10 important features to consider that will help you narrow down the best agencies for your business.

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Still not sure if you even need to conduct a background check? Here are several questions and answers that might help you come to a decision. Businesses that don't use background checks when hiring new employees are putting themselves at risk. When a new employee who hasn't been properly vetted is hired, employers are basically welcoming a stranger into their business.

Conducting pre-employment background checks can verify several important aspects of a potential employee's background. Small businesses have just as much, if not more, to lose from a bad hire.

The How and Why of Running Your Own Background Check When Job Hunting

Bringing in someone with a criminal past who steals from the company or puts co-workers in danger could put a small organization out of business for good. If a new hire lies about their experience and qualifications, you may find them struggling to perform the duties you hired them to do, which can ultimately cost you more money in training. Many background check companies cater to small businesses specifically, allowing you to perform as few or as many background checks as you need.

Although a simple background check might not tell you how hard job candidates will work if hired, it can give some insight into their character by giving you an idea of how much you can trust them. It can also give you a look into their past education and experience, so you know what level of work to expect from them. Red flags are more common than you might think. As a standard rule, in order to eliminate a candidate from consideration, the type of criminal activity you find must be related to the employee's job duties.

For example, if you are hiring an individual for a truck driver position, an underage drinking ticket from 15 years ago might not be a valid reason for disqualification but two recent DUI tickets could be. It depends on the background check service.

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So when it comes to figuring out how to get a background check, you first need to determine which kind of background check you want. Once you know that, there are a few different ways to get this background check information. CriminalWatchDog and other online background check services give instant results for any background check that uses a database, which can include SSN verification , sex offender registries , and criminal records. Many services will also check physical records for you in person if no online databases exist. Online services are typically the fastest and easiest way to get a background check and we're not just saying that because we offer these services!

If you need to obtain case records at the county court level, the court will likely require someone to go to the courthouse in person. CriminalWatchDog and similar services will send a licensed investigator to the courthouse for you, but you can go to the courthouse yourself.

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County court background checks generally take days to complete, as they don't use online databases and have to be checked manually. How long other background checks take depends on the type of information needed. If you're looking for background information on any sort of sex crime, you can check each state's online sex offender registry. The NSOPW database allows you to search by zipcode, name, address, and county, and offers instant results.

Employers wishing to verify an applicant's identity and legal working status can use E-Verify , which is a federally run system that uses data from the Department of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration, and I-9 Forms to verify employee information.

While E-Verify doesn't give employers a full background check, it does help them ensure employees are who they say they are. You can learn how to run a full employer background check here.