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Every groundbreaking App begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all-inclusive one. At Trophy Cloud, we wanted to change how vehicle enthusiast see the concept of Vehicle based Events, by offering a simple and user-friendly platform they can trust. Our team of incredibly bright minded individuals have dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that your Vehicle Based Event is easier than ever. We recognize a lot of hard work goes into planning, executing and attending vehicle-based events.

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Users can create multiple vehicle profiles including adding photos in their garage. Users can search and join events gaining access to event forums and person to person chat. Users can place joined events into there calendar to remind them of upcoming events. Users can access navigation to joined events from the app. No More Paper Forms. Users can view event history of past attended events.

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This includes participants that were manually registered. Organizations can create Vehicle-Based Events including; date and time, location, description and number of available slots. No real cleanup or strenuous preparation is needed. You may display the car doors open or closed, hood open or closed. In addition, 10 "Picks" are chosen from all entries. These Picks are not necessarily the best cars in the group, but are often the most unique.

Cars in progress and primer are just as likely to win as a shiny showpiece! Cruiser winners appear in the magazine coverage along with Show 'n Shine winners. A fair amount of preparation is required to do well in Show 'n Shine because you are subjecting your car to perhaps minutes of scrutiny by a panel of three participant judges. In this Judging series, we will outline in some detail our entire system in order to educate and hopefully entice you to bring your car to one or more of our events.

While this series will just focus on judging, this is only a small part of our events. For each item that does not work properly, 1 point is deducted from your point total. For items like brake lights, gauges and turn signals, both sides and front and rears must work. If for example, the turn signals all blink except for the left rear, 1 full point is taken off. If the item is present but does not work, a point is deducted. On custom cars that have been extensively modified and certain items like the wipers and horns have been fully eliminated, no points are deducted.

All vehicles, custom or restored, must have an operable emergency brake as this is a major safety item! There are similar class breakdowns for trucks, Corvettes, Chevelles, etc. Our system has sheets and categories for any Chevy. Camaro has similar classes for all Camaros and Firebirds. In addition, each of the above categories is broken down into driven and trailered. A car is put in trailered if it is trailered or towed any part of the way to the event. If your car is normally driven around at home to local shows but you decide to travel miles to one of our events and elect to trailer your car, it is in trailered class.

So, cars that are driven to our events do not show against cars that are trailered to the event.. The first 3 classes are easy enough to understand. These are cars that have no modifications changes whatsoever and are painted the original colors, wheels are original, no aftermarket accessories added, etc.

But what about the other classes with changes? Possible changes fit into 14 categories:. A with a engine would constitute a change. A 6-cylinder VIN car with a V8 engine would be a change.

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A correct year engine stamped as a 2-barrel, but equipped with a 4-barrel is a change. An original engine with a later air cleaner is a change. A non-original exhaust system constitutes an engine change. Transmission - anything other than the original transmission type called for on the engine stamping.

If the engine stamping calls for a 3-speed, but the car has a Powerglide is a change. A 4-speed or a TH transmission in a ''57 would be a change. A 5-speed manual in a is a change. Rear End - a rear end of a different year a '64 in a '57 or a 9" Ford, a bolt; anything other than the original rear.

Interior - any part of the interior seats, carpet and headliner that does not match the trim number on the cowl tag is a change. Also, a non-original radio, speakers, wrong color dash or steering wheel all result in a change. Seat belts are considered a safety item and will not result in a change. All chrome or aluminum aftermarket wheels and white lettered radials are changes. A tire that is grossly incorrect as to size or whitewall width is a change. Radial tires are allowed as long as the size of the tire and whitewall or lettering is similar to the original.

Paint - a paint color or combination that does not match the cowl tag is a change. Other paint types single or 2-stage urethane, enamel are accepted as long as they are original colors. Cars that were originally solid color per the trim code, but have had the top painted white would be considered to have a non-original paint scheme. Glass modifications are included in this category as well etching, tint film.

This area includes the spare and jack. Any non-original item under the car in suspension areas is considered a change. Also any original items removed nosed, decked is a change. Air Conditioning - any air unit not installed at the factory or Chevy dealer is a change. Any components on an original air unit that are not correct late model compressor, non-original vents results in a change. The VIN may also determine correct engine type. If a car has a 6-cylinder VIN but has a V8 installed an engine change would result.

Knick-Knack - most common items like blue-dot lenses, non-stock license plate frames or antennas would result in a change. The changes within each area do not add up to create more changes. Four or more minor body cuts radiused quarters, louvers, etc.

Car Show Tips 2016

All "pro-street" or tubbed cars are in Full Custom class. Cars with a major body part removed hood are considered full custom. We are often asked before an event over the phone "what class will my car be in? The above guidelines will help you determine what class your car might show in at one of our events. But, owners often overlook a change or 2 and wind up in a class much different than they anticipated!

I always tell folks: ". | Judging Awards

There is a class for every car out there. Just come to the event and let us handle the classification. Clean up. This is perhaps the most time consuming and tedious part when trying to ready your car for judging. In the "old" days, nearly of the points was allocated to how clean the car was.

This resulted in folks taking cleaning to an extreme: wheels off, up on jack stands, 2 or 3 solid days of cleaning. We woke up and realized how ridiculous it was for our show participants to arrive at the event and spend all of their time before the show judging laying on the ground cleaning their car.

The Basic Rules for Judging a Car Show

This immediately improved the whole show experience for our registrants since they didn't need to be quite so fussy about cleaning. That said, a clean car will always score higher than a dirty one. If your car is dirty water spots, brown tires, mud on the springs, oil on the engine, smudges on the carpet not only will the judges take off points in the cleanliness sections, their overall impression of your car will be negative resulting in a lower score.

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The bottom line? Once you are at the show, they way you can most influence the outcome of your score is via how clean your car is. Perfectly white glove-test clean? No, just reasonably clean and sparkly. What happens to the classes with only 1 or 2 cars?

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Very often the 6 cars assigned to a regular judging team not judging split classes may be made up of several classes. If the team spends minutes per car, judging the 6 cars will take hours. If judging begins at 8 am, the team would be finished and ready to relax by 11am! Once the judges are chosen, given their sheets and turned loose to judge, the real fun begins!

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Since there are points per sheet, there are lots of areas on the car to look at and lots of lines to write numbers on! Writing legibly is extremely important to assure accuracy in scoring. Once the judges are all done and all sheets are turned back in, the tally process then begins. Each and every sheet must be examined and totaled. The totals of all three sheets are then added together and divided by 3. This gives the final score which is an average of what each judge recorded as their final score.

That average is then deducted from This is the score used to award place and certificate. Let's use a hypothetical set of scores from a Custom class.