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Select your profile picture , choose Skype profile , then select Share profile. On Skype for Android 4. Do you want to save a phone number as a contact? Open the Dialpad and call the phone number you want to save. After the call, tap and hold the number in your chat list, select View profile , and then select Add contact.

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Please check Skype Status for details. The Find My does not give up to the minute location as the old app did.

Trying to see and follow my kids is useless if the only info I get is hrs old. New app is terrible. Why change something that was perfect to begin with. They took out one of the most important features. I realize that I could simply stop sharing my location; however, that only brings about more questions from friends wanting to know where I was. Could Apple be held accountable for any misfortune that arises from the sudden and unannounced to my knowledge removal of this app.

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I am no longer feeling secure about the digital platforms. Being pushed into more purchases I suspect is the real motive for these changes.

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  • When I activate let me know when my contact arrives or leave a location, that party is notify too. Worst app ever! Apple took a perfectly good app and turned it into garbage. On a scale of this app is a ZERO! Hello, The new app find my is not working for friends I have performed every steps and it doesn t work for friends, even I have shared location on both phones, and even put on favorites. What should I do? I have had an iPhone since they came out.

    Set up and use Find My Friends

    This is the stupidest thing u have ever done. Totally non user-friendly. Very disappointed!!! Why, why, why would you remove this app?

    How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your Lost or Stolen iOS Device

    Everything was set up, and everyone had already granted permission. So flat out angry right now. My friend and I both have IOS However, there is only an icon for my friend, no map no nothing….. On the find friends you could select a persons location and ask to tell you once they had left a location without them knowing you knew they had left, but the new Find my notifies them also so on the new Find my can you select a person without them been notified that you know they have left there location???

    The person whose location you want to follow must also have updated to iOS 13 or later for this feature to work with the new Find My App. Another change in Find My is that the person must now agree to share their location with you and you have to share your location too. First, you need to share your location with them. Only then can you request their location and if they agree to share it, you can then follow their location. With Find My, they can choose to share their location for just one hour, one day, indefinitely, or not at all.

    I used to love this app. How can I be notified when someone leaves their location? This new app does not give me the option.

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    • Open the Find My app, select the People tab, then choose the name of a person you want to be notified for. My IPad just upgraded to I still can select some most used emojis but the full slate has disappeared. Would like the old find my iPhone app back. Why remove an app that worked so well. And why replace it with an app that is so awkward to use. Why, apple, do you do this? You should find all the same or similar functionalities with Find My that you had with Find My Friends.

      Check out this Apple white paper for further assistance with Find My. However, only one iOS device and any paired cellular Apple Watch can send your location to your followers. You can choose which one to use in Find My Friends:. If you accept someone's request, that person can then see your location.

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      If you want to see that person's location, you must invite them, and they must accept your invitation. Your location is sent from your device only when someone requests to see it. Your location isn't transmitted on a regular interval. For more information, see the iCloud security and privacy overview.

      If they don't have a Google Account

      Make sure that the web browser on your Mac or PC is up to date. Open Find My Friends. Tap Add.