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A final advantage to advertising online is that it is a perfect way for many small and medium sized companies to get their feet wet with the Internet. Even with all of the hoopla about e-commerce, there are still millions of businesses that are yet to take advantage of the opportunities that the Internet offers. Listing with an online directory allows these business owners to take a step in an environment that is comfortable to them - a Yellow Page-type listing.

An online directory is really a natural evolution to the Internet for many of these people. The biggest disadvantage to the Internet is probably everyone's unfamiliarity with how advertising on the Internet should work.

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The popular count now is how many hits a site received or how many click-throughs take place. This jargon is often confusing to the everyday businessman who has not spent a lot of time with the Internet. And many people who think they know what they are doing do not understand that traffic on a site may not really be customers. It is fairly easy for someone to pay to have the traffic numbers on their site go up, but it does not do their advertisers any good.

When people are looking at advertising in an online directory, they should remember that the Yellow Pages printed book does not guarantee that 15, people a day are going to look at it. But they tell you how many they are delivering so you have an idea how many people could access it. The same should be true with an Internet listing that is available to more than million users globally. But, how do you determine your ROI and turn your advertising dollars into customers and profits?

The best way to determine your ROI is to follow this simple seven-step process, a process that will show you exactly how to measure the effectiveness of your advertising:. One: Begin by determining the number of calls you receive from your Yellow Pages ad each month. Ask each caller where they found your number note that if you live in an area that has two directories, be sure to ask which one and on which page.

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Two: What's your conversion rate? What percentage of your calls turn into sales? You should already have a good idea of what your conversion rate actually is, but if not, look at your yearly sales figures. Three: Determine the number of sales made by those customers that found your business in the Yellow Pages by dividing the number of calls by your conversion rate. Five: To determine your total gross profit produced by Yellow Pages ads, multiply the number of converted calls from Yellow Pages ads by your average gross margin.

Seven: Your overall net profit gain from Yellow Pages advertising is calculated by subtracting your Yellow Pages monthly investment from the total gross profit produced each month sales minus costs. Let's use an example with some figures.

Say your business receives calls in a month's time and that your call conversion rate is two. Take and divide by your conversion rate two to get 50 the number of sales attributed to Yellow Pages customers. Following this formula aids in the marketing planning process and enables you to see how your advertising dollars are working and if they are being invested wisely. Clint E.

Furniture World is the oldest, continuously published trade publication in the United States. It is published for the benefit of furniture retail executives. Print circulation of 20, is directed primarily to furniture retailers in the US and Canada. Most businesses will find that the yellow pages listings they thought were essential to getting their name out there, are driving virtually no new business. A second way to check the return on your yellow pages traffic is to see where the referral traffic to your website is coming from.

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For offline yellow pages advertising, set up a vanity URL to accomplish the same thing. I recently did this for one of my medium-sized business clients, and this is what we found. Out of Contact Form Submissions in Now, some of that Direct Traffic could conceivably be coming from folks looking up your business in the phone book and then navigating to your site, but again, ask yourself when the last time was that you did that? In a word, no.

Whatever value Yellow Pages online listings and ads once had for business has been eclipsed by far more effective options. Not too long ago, Yellow Pages boasted of 5 billion searches through their website in a year. Unless you consider that Google processes more than 6 billion searches every day.

Lost your password? Posted on July 16, July 25, by wholesumagency. Remember the Yellow Pages? Here are 9 commonly asked questions regarding advertising in the Yellow Pages, and why to never do so again: 1.


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How dead are the Yellow Pages? Why should big companies advertise there? A majority will never even make it through the front door. We are, for all intents and purposes, a global economy.

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