Indiana what constitutes class c felony burglary

Finally, even writing a bad check to a store can be used as an inference to support a conversion charge.


Indiana Code also states:. Except as provided in section 5 b of this chapter, a person who has insufficient funds in or no account with a drawee credit institution and who makes, draws, or utters a check, draft, or order for payment on the credit institution may be inferred:. However, Indiana Code b states:. Notice sent to either i the address printed or written on the check, draft, or order or ii the address given in writing to the recipient at the time the check, draft, or order was issued or delivered constitutes notice that the check, draft, or order has not been paid by the credit institution.

This is most commonly seen in workplaces with someone who is authorized to handle or control money misappropriates or takes the money for their own use. Using the company credit card for personal purchases, keeping cash payments, etc. Most states have a separate embezzlement statute, but Indiana does not have a separate statute so embezzlement is treated and prosecuted under Indiana theft laws. And just as we discussed in theft above, the potential penalties faced will depend on the amount of money embezzled.

Auto theft is a Level 6 felony in Indiana. Indiana Code However, the offense is a Level 5 felony if the person has a prior conviction under this subsection or under subsection b.

Indiana Burglary Laws

This section includes both auto theft and receiving stolen auto parts. The statute states that receiving stolen auto parts is a Level 5 felony is a person has a prior conviction. Indiana theft laws explain that theft will be charged as either a Class A Misdemeanor, a Level 6 felony, or a Level 5 felony.

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We understand that this is a lot of information to digest. There is a lot more information out there regarding Indiana theft laws but we wanted to help by providing a starting point for understanding the different theft charges in Indiana. We know the Indiana theft laws can be confusing to many people and are here to help.

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  6. Understanding Indiana Theft Laws In this article, we are going to look at the Indiana theft laws to determine the different types of theft crimes recognized by Indiana law, and the potential criminal penalties for each type of theft in Indiana. The Indiana Theft Statute The starting point for any discussion about the Indiana theft laws begins with the Indiana theft statute. How is Property Valued Under the Indiana Theft Statute The Indiana theft statute also defines how property is valued in determining whether a theft offense is a misdemeanor or level 6 felony theft or level 5 felony theft.

    Indiana Shoplifting Laws Just like petty theft, Indiana has no special or separate statue for shoplifting. Indiana Criminal Conversion Statute Indiana has a separate statute for criminal conversion.

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    Offenses Against the Person Subpart A. Vehicular assault in the second degree; class B misdemeanor Subpart D.

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    5. Rape in the first degree; class A felony Subpart E. Interference with custody; class G felony; class A misdemeanor Subpart F. Offenses Involving Property Subpart B. Burglary in the first degree; class C felony Subpart D. Identity theft passport; application; issuance Subpart I. Criminal impersonation; class A misdemeanor Subchapter VI.

      Burglary and Home Invasions in Indiana

      Violation of privacy; class A misdemeanor; class G felony Subpart E. Civil procedures to relinquish firearms or ammunition Part II. Criminal Procedure Generally Chapter Interception of communications generally; divulging contents of communications, violations of chapter Chapter Sentence for felonies Title Domestic Relations Chapter 1. Void and voidable marriages Chapter 5. Duty to support minor child; duty to support child over 18 years of age Chapter 7.

      Rights and responsibilities of parents; guardian appointment Subchapter II. Stepparent custody in certain circumstances Chapter 7A.

      What is the criminal charge of burglary?

      Ordered mediation prohibited Chapter 8. Establishment of parent-child relationship Chapter Temporary emergency jurisdiction Chapter Definitions Subchapter II. Consent by parent Subchapter III. Duties and rights of parents Subchapter V. Standard for permanent guardianship Chapter Appeals Subchapter II.

      Different Types of Theft Crimes

      Modification of orders granting third party visitation Chapter Health and Safety Part V. Mental Health Chapter