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Jonathon Jasper Wright Scholarship Link. Applicants must have attended at least one regional meeting and be majoring in criminal justice. Winners receive funds to attend the national conference and the scholarship application is due by December 1st. Applicants must submit an original paper on criminology, law enforcement, juvenile justice, courts, corrections, prevention, planning and evaluation, or career development and education in the field of criminal justice.

Student Paper Competition Scholarship Link. This scholarship is for students who have been nominated for the award by a current member of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice.

Latinx Students Discover Scholarships to Pursue Career Dreams

The scholarship was created to honor the first African American appointed to the bench in The monetary award amount varies and applications are due by May 15th. William L. Hastie Scholarship Link. Offered by the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, this scholarship is for individuals who demonstrate academic excellence as well as financial need. Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Link. This scholarship is offered by the national sociology nonprofit Sigma Xi and is for students who are involved in sociology in any way, from majoring in the subject to taking a few classes. Students must submit a budget of how they would use the money along with their application by March 15th or October 15th of each year.

Application deadlines vary. Lou Hochberg Scholarship Link. Students must submit an essay along with their applications, which are due January 31st of each year. Army Staff Sgt. Richard S. Eaton Jr.

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Scholarship Link. This scholarship, offered by the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives, is for students studying sociology or another field of the social sciences. Students must submit an essay examining a social aspect or the societal impact of the Spanish Civil War. Students may also write about fascism in the s. Essays are judged on their originality, strength of research, and overall effectiveness. This scholarship is only for students who are members of a Presbyterian church. Applicants must be sociology, social sciences, social services, religion, or education members and have a grade point average of at least 2.

Applicants must also demonstrate financial need and preference is given to minority students. The application deadline is March 1st of each year. This scholarship is for any high school seniors in the state of Georgia or any college students enrolled in an accredited institution in Georgia. Students must be majoring in a field related to law enforcement, government, or political science, or be in a pre-law program. A 1,word essay is required along with the application.

This scholarship is only for undergraduate students majoring in criminal justice. Students should also be North Carolina residents who are enrolled in school full-time.

Directory of Criminal Justice Scholarships

One scholarship is given to a student at each UNC constituent institution that has a criminal justice program. Established by the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Association, this scholarship is for students who plan to pursue a career related to law enforcement. Applicants must have attended a school in Santa Barbara Country for at least four years of grades 7 to 12 and be in need of financial assistance. The application deadline is January 31st.

Maccianti Scholarship Link. This scholarship is for Muslim students who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in fields related to the humanities, social sciences, liberal arts, or law. The goal of the scholarship is to encourage Muslim students to pursue occupations that make public policy and influence public opinion. Islamic Scholarship Link.

This scholarship is for gay, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender students who are pursuing a career in law or law enforcement and are putting themselves through a basic training program. Out to Protect Scholarship Link. Scholarships are awarded annually to undergraduate or graduate female students who are majoring in chemistry, sociology, pharmacology, or psychology and plan to pursue a career in chemical, biological, or medical research, or plan to work in addictions or family counseling.

This scholarship is for part-time or full-time students who are studying for either an undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited four-year institution. Students must also be U. David E. Whitmire Scholarship Link. This scholarship, offered by the University of Southern Indiana, is for Indiana state residents who are majoring in a field of social science, education, or human services. Wallace C. This award is for PhD-level sociology students who have experience in client-driven work, good writing skills, and a commitment to policy process.

Fellowship recipients will work in Washington D. Applications must be submitted by February 1st. There is no separate application required for this campus aid. Students at Appalachian State University are eligible for scholarships, grants and work-study plans that help make higher education affordable.

The financial aid efforts at the school recognize academic excellence and promote diversity within the student body. High school seniors are invited to apply for the funds, which are awarded based on the following criteria:. Crumley Roberts, a North Carolina law firm, offers encouragement and financial assistance to North Carolina college students who show promise in serving their communities. Crumley Roberts Next Step Scholarships target currently enrolled Community College students within the state of North Carolina who are transitioning to four-year universities.

Funds are reserved for second-year students completing 2-year programs at North Carolina Community Colleges. If you want to survive and succeed in this profession then research, study then emulate the behavior, character, and style of law enforcement leaders who have been successful in each phase of their career. Then apply that practice to every aspect of your life.

The unemployment rate for North Carolina as of May was 4. Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. The campus is very small so getting to classes is very easy. I enjoy talking to people who are friendly and talkative. There is always something to do at App, either by the school or in the surrounding area. One thing that is somewhat disappointing is the number of minorities, the school is white dominated.

Another thing that I do like about App, however, is the large number of females, though this is probably because I am a guy. The classes are difficult but very helpful in learning the needed material. I like most of my professors but like with everywhere in life there are some professors who weren't very good. I have always been interested in this field and I thought it would be great since the program was being offered online. I was wrong indeed, I felt like I was just taking a number of quizzes that could be found easily doing a simple Google search.

This was just to easy to be Criminal Justice I thought to myself. I eventually decided that this type of enrollment was not for me and decided to enroll on campus to have more of a hands-on feel.

Criminal Justice Scholarship | Crimcheck

I think I made the best choice for myself as I felt like I was actually learning and be held accounted for. The professors are very knowledgeable and I have enjoyed every single one of my classes. Professors really care about students' success and provide mentorship and advice to students on a daily basis. In addition, the program offers multiple honor society memberships to students with good GPA that are a great resume builder. Also, during their senior year, students are required to complete a practicum, which allows students to get hands-on experience in the field.

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After two years I am still in contact with my advisor, one of the professors of the program, and she has been a great support and reference for me. I would recommend this program to anybody who is interested in a career in the criminal justice field. We learned about crime scenes and how to process them. Another favorite thing I enjoyed about the class was the serial killers we studied and the corrections class.

I did a project on how few states are doing conjugal visits. The other students got a kick out of it, but it's a real thing. It was a great experience and I'm sad that I'm finished with those classes. I did have a difficult time with one instructor. That was the only thing I disliked about the whole program.

50 Great Scholarships for Criminal Justice and Sociology Students

All in all, it wasn't a bad program, but it wasn't particularly engaging. The courses' level of engagement was variable and entirely dependent on the professor's level of commitment to the course. As a result, I had some courses which were engaging and challenging academically, and many which could practically be slept through. There were also some professors whose grading policies were unpredictable and seemed biased, in my own opinion.

As a student who performed well graduated with academic distinction , I feel I can be unbiased in that assessment. There are some professors who truly care about educating future law enforcement workers, but many who seem to be phoning it in. Even among the professors who are engaged, however, there are some significant black marks in how one, in particular, treats his students.

A quick Google search can tell you which one. All in all, it is a decent program, but I wouldn't call it exceptional. We were a fairly decent sized department but you really felt a comradeship with your fellow CJ students and our professors. It was great commiserating over how hard this assignment was or whether the upcoming test would include certain topics. Overall, the quality of education I received was really good. I can hold my own in a discussion on topics and am pursuing a career as a CSI. I'd have to walk across campus in a matter of ten minutes. I also feel like there weren't many course options for someone pursuing a minor in forensics along with their CJ degree but that's just a minor issue.