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The Auto-Finder is a device that, according to Finder Technologies, uses "radio direction finding technology. Place the beacon in your car.

When You Cant Find Your Car in the Parking Lot

When you press the finder, it will find your car and beep. It also has light up arrows on the finder. The closer you are to your car, the faster the beeping and the more arrows that are lit up.

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It works in parking garages and has a half-mile range. Before you leave your car, you hit a button to mark your current position. Then when you need to return, the device will guide you back to your car using arrows. Parking at one end of the street will give you a cross street that will help you located it quicker too.

7 Best iPhone Parking Apps with Parking Lot Finder & Parked Car Locator

Know your license plate number. When you rent or borrow a car, store the license plate number by writing yourself a note, sending yourself a text, or snapping a photo of it. Use on-hand technology to record where you parked Many smart phones have applications that can help you store where your car is parked so you can find it. That will get you close to your car. Better yet, send yourself a text with the exact row or street where you parked.

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Tesla did not respond to a request for comment but Chief Executive Elon Musk on Wednesday tweeted that there were more than , Smart Summon uses in the first few days. Automated features also raise the question of whether the owner or the auto manufacturer is at fault when accidents occur.

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If fully-automated cars someday becomes the norm, liability will shift to manufacturers and their insurance, McKenna said. Still, limitations to the app and other features make Tesla more responsible when accidents occur, said Mike Morgan, a Florida personal injury lawyer. His firm sued Tesla last year on behalf of a client who blames Tesla for his car crashing into a disabled vehicle.