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See Out-of-State Dealer Sales. Odometer Statement - Ensure the dealer completes this statement on the title or certificate of origin on vehicles 9 years old or newer. The original copy of a separate statement is also acceptable. Vehicle must be registered within 30 days of the purchase. Sales taxes are not charged on "occasional" sales. The buyer must obtain insurance and a movement permit prior to driving the vehicle on any public street. The seller should remove the license plates and transfer or surrender them. Complete a Bill of Sale for your records.

New Nevada residents must obtain their driver license and vehicle registration within 30 days.

See our New Resident Guide. At larger offices, drive to the inspection station outside the main office first. Make an appointment! The license plate is displayed on the rear of the vehicle with the exception of certain commercial vehicles. The plate is issued to the owner for ten years. The owner will receive a new plate with new numbers and letters during the tenth year.

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The exceptions to this are company owned and short term lease vehicles, which expire in June. Long term lease vehicles are staggered throughout the calendar year, and truck-tractors, semi-trailers, and trucks weighing over 5, pounds are renewed in December. Nine passenger and over vehicles used for hire and mobile homes are also renewed in December. All vehicles are licensed according to weight. Travel trailers and mobile homes are licensed according to length. If a trailer has a net weight of 1, pounds or less, it is not required to be titled. Over that weight will require titling.

The following would be required to prove ownership in lieu of a title:.

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There must be a complete chain of ownership. If the used trailer homemade or manufactured has never been registered in Florida, a certified weight slip is also required, unless the documentation submitted shows a net weight. License plates can be renewed by mail, and returned to the owner. Renew online at Renew Express. When a bank, financial institution, or lease company holds the out-of-state title, the State of Florida provides for an exception that allows the owner s to only register their vehicle without transferring their out-of-state title to Florida first.

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Proof of Ownership in the form of one of the following for the specific vehicle :. At least one registered owner or person appointed power of attorney must be present with their acceptable proof of identification. A Vin Verification must be completed. Sales Tax must be collected if the motor vehicle, was purchased and used less than six months in another state, territory of the United States or the District of Columbia, the full amount of the 6.

However, a credit is allowed for a like tax paid in another state, territory of the United States or the District of Columbia, against the amount of Florida sales or use tax and local discretionary sales surtax.

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Proof of insurance binder, policy, or card from a certified Florida agent or broker is required to purchase and renew a license plate in Florida. Motorcycles, mobile homes, and utility trailers do not need insurance to obtain a registration and license plate in the state of Florida.

We advise you to consult your insurance agent for any question regarding insuring your possessions. The license plate is the property of the original owner. The requirement of surrendering and cancelling the license plate does not apply to motorcycles, utility trailers, or travel trailers. Annual license taxes, for the operation of motor vehicles is defined by Florida Statutes, and must be paid at the time of registration and renewal.

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All fees are subject to change by Legislative Act. This fee applies to private automobiles, motor homes and trucks weighing less than 5, pounds. There are exemptions to this fee, including, but not limited to the following:. Members of the Armed Forces stationed in Florida, but who maintain their legal residence out side the State of Florida, are classified as non-resident military and are eligible for special registration rates.

Proof of insurance is mandatory. If the vehicle is not titled in Florida, a copy of the out-of-state title is required for application DHSMV form The Vehicle Identification Number VIN must be verified by a Tax Collector employee, Florida notary, motor vehicle dealer, or a state or military law enforcement officer. Also, if military orders transfer the owner out of the state of Florida, they are no longer entitled to Florida registration. If the vehicle owner is a Florida resident, the vehicle can be registered in Florida, by signing a military insurance exemption affidavit , furnishing an out-of-state address, and a copy of the military orders, or an affidavit from their commanding officer, confirming their date of assignment.

Military forms can be found in our Form Library at the bottom of the Form Library tab.

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Their number is These plates carry unique designs, that were created to honor specific organizations. The user fee and processing fee are charged each year in addition to the registration fee, upon renewal. Personalized tags may be ordered from the Tax Collector. Application for the initial personalized tag can be made at any time. Specialty license plates can also be personalized for the additional annual costs of the specialty tag. If your current tag is 10 years old, you must order your new personalized tag two 2 months ahead of expiration.

If you would like to view all plates available, click here. In addition to the six 6 percent sales tax, some counties impose a local discretionary sales surtax.

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As an agent for the Florida Department of Revenue, the Tax Collector is responsible for collection and disbursement of these taxes. Sales tax is collected when a customer transfers title to a motor vehicle, vessel or mobile home. If you purchased your vehicle, vessel or mobile home through a licensed Florida Dealer, the dealer is responsible for collection and disbursement of the sales tax. NOTE: If a vehicle is traded in, sales tax is collected on the difference between the price of the vehicle and the trade in.

You may also choose to have your title remain in an electronic status. If lien needs to be noted on either new or used, make sure full name and address is properly noted. No out of state titles. Must have TN title and a security agreement between the lender and borrower. You will also be required to have a notarized Power of Attorney if signing title or signing title application for another person.

If vehicle is titled in multiple names, all owners will need to appear.

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Individual obtaining ownership of vehicle signs their name as buyer with complete address. Seller should never sign off of title without completing buyer portion; this is known as an open title. This could result in penalties to seller. If the will is probated, we need the letter of testamentary or letter of administration, and the person who qualifies as executor will need to sign the title over to the seller Ex: John Doe, EXC.