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Recordings of eight calls to the police made on the night of the shooting were released by the Sanford police on March 17, The only eyewitness to the end of the confrontation stated that Martin was on top of Zimmerman and punching him, while Zimmerman was yelling for help. This witness, who identified himself as "John", stated that "the guy on the bottom, who had a red sweater on, was yelling to me, 'Help! A year-old boy walking his dog saw a man on the ground shortly before the shooting and identified him as wearing red.

She also stated that the police waited five days before requesting to even question her son and said that the lead homicide investigator told her that he did not believe the shooting was self-defense. Mary Cutcher and her roommate, Selma Mora Lamilla, appeared on AC , and Cutcher stated that she believes that "there was no punching, no hitting going on at the time, no wrestling" just prior to the shooting but admitted that she neither saw the shooting nor the preceding altercation. They heard a gunshot; the crying stopped immediately, and they saw Zimmerman on his knees straddling Martin on the ground.

Dave Morgenstern [on March 15] issued a statement disputing Cutcher's version of events, calling her statements to WFTV 'inconsistent with her sworn testimony to police'". On March 29, , an eyewitness, referred to as a male, said that he saw two men on the ground scuffling, then heard the shooting and saw Zimmerman walk away with no blood on him.

She pointed out that she heard an argument between a younger and an older voice. During the time that she witnessed the incident, the scuffling happened on the grass. She said that the larger man, who walked away after the gunshot, was on top and that it was too dark to see blood on his face. A witness who arrived shortly after the shooting revealed photos that he took that night that showed "blood trickling down the back of Zimmerman's head from two cuts.

It also shows a possible contusion forming on the crown of his head". In revealing the photo to ABC News in mid-April, he noted that he had heard but had not seen the scuffle, had been the first to arrive, and had been the first to talk to Zimmerman after the shooting. One eyewitness statement given the night of the shooting describes "a black male, wearing a dark colored 'hoodie' on top of a white or Hispanic male who was yelling for help. After hearing a "pop", he saw the black male "laid out on the grass". He was no longer certain who was calling for help, having not seen their mouths in the dark.

He was still certain that the black male had been on top of the lighter-skinned male. On March 20, , Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump revealed that Martin had been on the phone with a friend moments before he was shot. She said that Martin told her that a man was watching him from his vehicle while talking on the phone before the man started following Martin.

Martin told his friend at one point that he had lost the man but the man suddenly appeared again. Get off! During her interview with the prosecutor, Martin's friend recounted her last phone call with Martin and added that Martin had described the man as "crazy and creepy", watching him from a vehicle while the man was talking on the phone. She later admitted being embarrassed about lying and that she felt guilty about Martin's death and not doing more to help.

On the advice of his legal counsel, Zimmerman did not speak to the media after the shooting. Zimmerman maintained his public silence until he was interviewed by Sean Hannity of Fox News on July 18, Zimmerman said he was driving to the grocery store when he spotted Trayvon Martin walking through the neighborhood. Zimmerman's father said that, while his son was not on duty that night as Neighborhood Watch captain, there had been many break-ins and he thought it suspicious that someone he did not recognize was walking behind the town homes instead of on the street or the sidewalk.

Zimmerman therefore called a non-emergency police line to report Martin's behavior and summon police. After telling the police dispatcher that Martin "ran", [] Zimmerman left his vehicle on Twin Trees and walked down the sidewalk between Twin Trees and Retreat View Circle to determine his location and ascertain in which direction Martin had fled.

Zimmerman told police he shot Martin in self-defense. On June 21, , Zimmerman's attorneys released audiotapes of several interviews he had with police shortly after the shooting. Also included were Zimmerman's written statement of February 26, , and video recordings of his reenactment of the incident and a voice stress test that he passed. In the interviews, Zimmerman says he took note of Martin because he was near a home that he had previously called police about. He also said "he was just walking casually, not like he was trying to get out of the rain" and he felt "something was off" about Martin.

In a reconstruction video-recorded by police the next day, Zimmerman said that after he initially saw Martin on Retreat View Circle he parked his vehicle in front of the club house at the corner of Retreat View Circle and Twin Trees Lane and observed Martin go past him and onto Twin Trees Lane where he lost sight of Martin. He stated the dispatcher asked "can you get to somewhere where you can see him?

He further stated that at one point Martin circled his truck while he was parked on Twin Trees Lane. He described Martin at different points in the interviews as appearing "out of nowhere", "from the darkness", and as "jump[ing] out of the bushes". See Background yells for help in calls Martin told him to "Shut the fuck up" as he hit him in the face and pounded his head on a concrete sidewalk.

He said after firing his weapon at Martin, he was not sure at first that he had hit him, so he got on top of him in order to subdue him. Police reports state Zimmerman "appeared to have a broken and a bloody nose and swelling of his face". Zimmerman was offered three chances to be taken to the hospital, but declined each time, according to police reports released by the prosecution.

In the course of Zimmerman's recorded interviews, Detective Chris Serino questioned aspects of Zimmerman's account, such as Zimmerman's statement that he didn't know the name of a street in the Twin Lakes community where he had lived for three years. Zimmerman said in response that he had a bad memory and takes medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Zimmerman said he didn't want to confront Martin.

On June 26, , the prosecution released the results of a voice stress test performed on George Zimmerman the day after the shooting. During a bond hearing on April 20, , Investigator Dale Gilbreath testified under oath that he did not know whether Zimmerman or Martin started the fight and that there is no evidence to contradict Zimmerman's claim that he was walking back to his vehicle when Martin confronted him.

Gilbreath, however, questioned Zimmerman's statement that Martin was slamming his head against the sidewalk just before he shot the teenager, saying it was "not consistent with the evidence we found. On July 18, , Zimmerman, accompanied by his attorney Mark O'Mara , gave his first long media interview to Sean Hannity , and part of the interview appeared on Hannity that evening.

During the interview, Zimmerman said that he did not regret his actions on the night of the shooting and that he felt that what had happened "was all God's plan". I want to tell everyone, my wife, my family, my parents, grandmother, the Martins, the city of Sanford and America: I'm sorry that this happened. I'm truly sorry. When Hannity asked Zimmerman why his suspicions were aroused when he noticed Martin, Zimmerman replied in part:. I felt he was suspicious because it was raining. He was in-between houses, cutting in-between houses, and he was walking very leisurely for the weather It didn't look like he was a resident that went to check their mail and got caught in the rain and was hurrying back home.

He didn't look like a fitness fanatic that would train in the rain. Following the interview with Hannity, Special Prosecutor Angela Corey filed formal notice that she intended to use the interview as evidence against Zimmerman. Florida defense lawyers said it was a mistake for Zimmerman to do a television interview and discuss what happened that night.

One of them said, "It's really baffling what he thought he'd gain from it. I question who's in charge of the defense strategy, Zimmerman or O'Mara". Martin's parents said they did not accept Zimmerman's apology for killing their son. On April 11, , an affidavit of probable cause was filed in support of second-degree murder charges against Zimmerman. The affidavit described what investigators alleged took place between Zimmerman and Martin on the night of the shooting.

Prosecutors alleged that Zimmerman profiled Martin as he was walking back from a nearby 7-Eleven store to the townhouse where he was temporarily living. Zimmerman called the police, and prosecutors said the dispatcher told Zimmerman an officer was on the way and to wait for him. In the call, Zimmerman made reference to people he felt had gotten away with break-ins in the neighborhood.

Investigators alleged that while Zimmerman was talking to the dispatcher, Martin was on the phone with a friend and she said that Martin was scared because he was being followed by an unknown man. When the police dispatcher realized Zimmerman was following Martin, he told Zimmerman that was unnecessary and that police would meet him there. Prosecutors alleged that Zimmerman ignored the dispatcher and continued following Martin and confronted him and a struggle ensued. When police arrived at the scene, Zimmerman admitted to shooting Martin in the chest.

Legal analysts criticized the prosecution for over-charging Zimmerman, claiming that the probable cause affidavit did not support a charge of second-degree murder. Richard Kuritz, a former prosecutor who worked with Angela Corey, said the state attorney had no obligation to include exculpatory evidence in the affidavit. He stated that Dershowitz could face civil action for making accusations that Corey committed a crime.

In recordings of the calls, yells for help are audible in the background. Zimmerman's family says it was Zimmerman yelling for help, Martin's family says it was Martin yelling for help, and independent audio analysts offer differing opinions as to who was yelling for help.

During the trial, friends and family members of both Zimmerman and Martin testified as to who they thought the voice was, but expert testimony regarding voice identification was not allowed. In an interview with prosecutors on March 19, Zimmerman's father identified the yells as George Zimmerman's, stating, "There is no doubt who is yelling for help. It is absolutely my son. According to police reports, after listening to audio recordings of the calls, Martin's father, Tracy Martin, told police investigators that it was not Trayvon Martin's voice yelling for help.

Investigators interviewed Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, who reviewed the calls to police and identified the voice crying for help as her son. Zimmerman's attorneys requested a Frye hearing regarding the admissibility of the testimony of the audio analysts, to determine if the methods used by them are generally accepted by the scientific community.

Tracy Martin doubted the account of his son's death told to him by Sanford police investigators and believed Zimmerman did not act in self-defense.

Two days after the shooting, he was referred to civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump , [74] who was retained to pursue legal action and to persuade the news media to cover the case. On April 5, , more than a year after the shooting, it was reported that the Martin family had settled a wrongful death claim against the Retreat at Twin Lakes Homeowners Association. On June 28, in an interview with CNN conducted during the trial of George Zimmerman, Alicia Stanley, Trayvon Martin's step-mother Trayvon's father's former wife , stated that she believed Zimmerman had profiled Trayvon as a criminal, although she was not convinced that the profiling was based on race.

While the shooting was being investigated, Zimmerman, his wife, and his parents went into hiding due to threats they were receiving as the case gained more attention. On April 9, Zimmerman placed a self-created web site on the internet, which included some brief statements, but no information about the shooting, since he had been advised by legal counsel not to discuss it.

He also solicited donations for living expenses and legal defense costs. After taking over as Zimmerman's defense counsel on April 11, Mark O'Mara took down Zimmerman's self-created web site and replaced it with a professional information site. He arranged for a second web site to be set up to collect donations overseen by an independent third party. He was subsequently released again with a higher bail amount. The conviction will be expunged at the end of her probation period. George Zimmerman's defense team had set up a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a website with a defense fund registered with the Florida Division of Consumer Services.

In July , Zimmerman reactivated his original website, and his parents also created their own web site. Both sites discuss how the case has changed the Zimmermans' lives and seek donations for living expenses.


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On January 30, , Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara, asked on Zimmerman's defense fund website for the public to donate more money. After the shooting, Zimmerman was criticized by the Martin family and in the media for following Martin and for carrying a weapon. Zimmerman was not acting outside the legal boundaries of Florida Statute by carrying his weapon when this incident occurred. We'll figure it out Observe from a safe location". Protests were staged around the U. It was the website's largest petition ever. Since Martin was killed while wearing a hoodie , hoodies were used as a sign of protest over the handling of the case.

Bags of Skittles candy and cans of Arizona Iced Tea were also used as protest symbols. Martin was reported to be returning from a 7-Eleven convenience store with these items when he was shot, [] [] [] although the beverage he purchased was actually a can of Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. Walkouts were staged by students at over a dozen Florida high schools, [] and thousands of people attended rallies around the country to demand Zimmerman's arrest. A number of high-profile citizens made public comments or released statements calling for a full investigation, including Reverend Al Sharpton , [] [] Reverend Jesse Jackson , [] and President Barack Obama.

No arrest was made. The Chief of Police in Sanford announced after his review of the evidence there would be no arrest. An outcry from all over this country came because his parents refused to leave it there. Frederica Wilson Dem. President Obama, speaking to reporters on March 23 after federal investigators were deployed to Sanford, said, "When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids, and I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.

Bryant singled out Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for being "race hustlers" who were exploiting Martin's death "to inflame racial passions". According to Zimmerman's father, George Zimmerman received death threats after the shooting and was forced to move out of his home. In parts of the U. Film director Spike Lee retweeted to his , Twitter followers an address in Sanford, Florida, erroneously purported to be Zimmerman's, which forced a family out of their home to avoid harassment after they received hate mail and unwanted visits from reporters. Lee also "settled financially" with the Florida couple for an undisclosed amount.

Professor Alan Dershowitz criticized the probable cause affidavit against Zimmerman as "so thin that it won't make it past the judge", calling it "irresponsible and unethical", and opined that the charges were motivated by prosecutor Corey's desire to be re-elected. Dershowitz said the dean defended his remarks under academic freedom, and he commented that "[e]ven if Angela Corey's actions were debatable, which I believe they were not, I certainly have the right, as a professor who has taught and practiced criminal law nearly 50 years, to express a contrary view.

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn wrote " His comments were criticized by the Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump, who compared them to people blaming rape victims for wearing short skirts. Bill O'Reilly of Fox News called for restraint and urged other pundits to stop trying the case in the media. He said that the case is a "tragedy" but should not be tried in the media.

After Zimmerman's bond was revoked for misrepresenting how much money he had when his bond was set, [] Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump said he expected the prosecution to bring Zimmerman's credibility "front and center in this entire case". Zimmerman was accused of being motivated by racism [3] [] and of having racially profiled Martin. The unedited audio recording proved that the police dispatcher specifically asked about Martin's race, and only then did Zimmerman reveal that Martin was black.

NBC apologized for the misleading edit and disciplined those involved. In an open letter on March 15, , Zimmerman's father, Robert Zimmerman, defended his son against allegations that his actions were racially motivated, stating that Zimmerman was Hispanic , was raised in a multiracial family, and "would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever", saying that the portrayal of his son as a racist "could not be further from the truth".

Just as George Zimmerman's trial was set to begin, Robert Zimmerman published an e-book about the case in which he said that prior to the shooting, he had generally believed racism was no longer much of a problem and that he had personally not experienced much racism, despite being married to a Hispanic woman, but that since the shooting he had found that racism is "flourishing at the insistence of some in the African American Community". According to George Zimmerman's family, some of Zimmerman's relatives are black.

In early April, an anonymous letter to the NAACP, which was signed "A Concerned Zimmerman Family Member" said Zimmerman had been one of the few to take any action to protest the beating of Sherman Ware, a black homeless man, by the son of a Sanford police officer. Zimmerman's father confirmed his son's efforts on Ware's behalf. On the audiotape, Zimmerman was heard criticizing the conduct of the Sanford Police Department in the Ware case. Zimmerman criticized former chief, Brian Tooley, and said Tooley had engaged in a "cover-up" and that he should lose his pension.

He also said he'd been on ride-alongs with Sanford police where he found them to be lazy. The Herald also reported that it had contacted five out of six black churches where Zimmerman was reported to have distributed fliers on the Ware beating, however no one recalled receiving them. On July 12, , reports of some of the more than 30 interviews conducted by the FBI were publicly released.

Deputies identify man involved in fatal Brandon road rage shooting

Zimmerman's neighbors had nothing derogatory to say about him, and his co-workers were complimentary. During the trial, defense attorney Don West implied that the language Martin had allegedly used was evidence that Martin had introduced race into the confrontation. For not arresting Zimmerman, the Sanford police faced heavy criticism, protests, and allegations of racial bias. Attorney General Eric Holder expressing "no confidence that, absent federal oversight, the Sanford Police Department will devote the necessary degree of care to its investigation" and requesting that personnel be detailed to Sanford to review the case without bias.

Allegations were also made that the Sanford police were protecting Zimmerman. He's not under a legal obligation to do that, so that is not something we can charge him with. On March 21, , three out of the five members of the Sanford City Commission, including the mayor, passed a motion of no confidence in regards to the Police Chief Bill Lee, and his handling of the case; however, the vote was advisory only.

Some commissioners had concerns about the fairness of Lee losing his job and the mayor stated he preferred to wait for the results of an investigation. Lee was to remain on paid leave. In an interview with CNN, following his testimony at Zimmerman's trial, Bill Lee said that he felt pressure from city officials to arrest Zimmerman to placate the public rather than as a matter of justice. They didn't care if it got dismissed later. The Sanford police presented a " capias request" to the state's attorney, asking that they determine whether it was a "justifiable homicide".

The Zimmerman defense team initially planned to seek to dismiss the case against Zimmerman under the protection afforded by Florida's " stand your ground " self-defense law. Self-defense laws in the United States , particularly regarding justifiable homicide , vary by state. In many states, such laws exempt people in their own homes from the common-law requirement that one first attempt to retreat , if one can safely do so, before resorting to the use of deadly force the so-called " castle doctrine ", based on the notion that "a person's home is his castle".

Three weeks after the shooting, Florida Governor Rick Scott commissioned a member task force to review the Florida statute that deals with justifiable use of force, including the Stand Your Ground provision. Several months following Zimmerman's acquittal, in October bills to revise Florida's Stand Your Ground law provisions in accordance with several of the suggestions offered in by the governor's task force began advancing through the Florida legislature with bipartisan support.

For the first 10 days after Martin's death, the story was covered by only by local media outlets in Florida. The Project for Excellence in Journalism reported that media coverage of the Trayvon Martin case became the first story in to be featured more than the presidential race. According to the Project, the varying types of media have focused on the case in different ways. An article in the Tampa Bay Times wrote that, "on Twitter, people are outraged at Zimmerman and want justice, while on cable news and talk radio people are discussing the state's laws for self-defense and gun control and on blogs the focus has been on race.

The contrast in the photos of Martin and of Zimmerman which were most widely used in early media reports of the shooting may have influenced initial public perceptions of the case. The initial police report on the shooting described Zimmerman as white. Economist and commentator Thomas Sowell criticized the national media for implying that Zimmerman had continued to follow Martin after the police dispatcher said, "We don't need you to do that.

After the audio of the call was released, reports by CNN [] and other news outlets alleged that Zimmerman had said "fucking coons" two minutes and twenty-one seconds into the call. Two weeks later on April 4, , CNN claimed that enhanced audio revealed that Zimmerman had said "fucking cold" alluding to ongoing rain in February. On one version of the recording played by NBC, Zimmerman was heard saying, "This guy looks like he's up to no good or he's on drugs or something He's got his hand in his waistband, and he's a black male.

He looks black. Or he's on drugs or something. It's raining and he's just walking around, looking about. In reality Zimmerman simply answered a question Nothing prejudicial at all in responding to such an inquiry To portray that exchange in a way that wrongs Zimmerman is high editorial malpractice NBC issued an apology for "an error made in the production process that we deeply regret," [] but never apologized on the air. On December 6, , Zimmerman filed a defamation lawsuit against NBC alleging that they intentionally edited the phone call so that Zimmerman would sound racist.

The lawsuit said, "NBC saw the death of Trayvon Martin not as a tragedy but as an opportunity to increase ratings, and so set about to create the myth that George Zimmerman was a racist and predatory villain. Zimmerman unfairly and we intend to vigorously defend our position in court. In the ruling, the judge wrote that there was "no clear and convincing evidence that defendants knew that the information published was false at the time it was published, or recklessly disregarded the truth or falsity of those statements".

ABC News obtained a surveillance video of Zimmerman walking unassisted into the Sanford police station after the shooting. An officer is seen pausing to look at the back of Zimmerman's head, but ABC originally said that no abrasions or blood can be seen in the video. In his July 26, , column, Slate journalist William Saletan accused several major news organizations of editing interviews with "Juror B29" to make it appear that she maintained Zimmerman had gotten away with murder when, according to Saletan, she had not actually done so.

As news of the case spread, thousands of protesters across the country called for Zimmerman's arrest and a full investigation. Opening statements took place on June 24, Jury deliberations began on July On July 13, , the jury found him not guilty. On February 24, , the United States Department of Justice announced that "there was not enough evidence for a federal hate crime prosecution. Some legal scholars, including Charles Rose of Stetson University and Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, were not surprised by the verdict and said the prosecution had tactically erred by charging Zimmerman with second-degree murder, which, given Florida's laws on self-defense, made it almost impossible for the prosecution to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt with the evidence at their disposal.

George Zimmerman remained in hiding after the verdict, although it was reported that on July 17, four days after the verdict, Zimmerman helped rescue several people from an overturned vehicle in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman's parents said that they too had received a large number of death threats and were still too afraid to return to their home after the verdict.

During a speech to the NAACP, Attorney General Eric Holder stated that the Department of Justice was continuing to investigate Zimmerman for civil rights violations after the verdict, and also criticized existing "stand-your-ground" laws. Although there were scattered incidents of disturbances and vandalism following the not-guilty ruling, fears of widespread civil unrest as per the Rodney King verdict in were unrealized.

The man said the three assailants yelled out "This is for Trayvon! Just days after the Zimmerman trial verdict had been announced, several dozen activists known as the Dream Defenders began to camp outside Governor Rick Scott's office in the Capitol, demanding that the governor call the legislature into special session to pass what the activists called The Trayvon Martin Civil Rights Act , which would repeal the Stand Your Ground law, outlaw racial profiling, and discourage the use of zero tolerance policies in schools.

Democratic leaders in the Florida legislature, Senate Minority Leader Chris Smith and House Minority Leader Perry Thurston , also called on the governor to convene a special session of the legislature, in order to overhaul or possibly repeal the Stand Your Ground provisions of Florida's self-defense laws. On July 19, six days after the verdict, President Barack Obama gave an impromptu minute speech in the White House Press Room , in which he spoke about the trial and about race relations in the United States. A week after the verdict, peaceful rallies and vigils were held in more than cities nationwide to protest racial profiling, demand the repeal of Stand Your Ground laws, and call for a federal trial of Zimmerman for violations of civil rights laws.

A nationwide poll conducted for The Washington Post and ABC News found sharp divisions along racial and political lines over the shooting and over the jury's verdict. The acquittal of Zimmerman on the charge of murdering Martin, inspired a Facebook posting that included the phrase "black lives matter", which later became the name of the Black Lives Matter movement. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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One of her grandfathers was Afro-Peruvian. Retrieved March 29, The Huffington Post. Retrieved September 18, Retrieved April 11, Orlando Sentinel. Retrieved March 20, Retrieved April 21, The New York Times. Retrieved June 23, Miami Herald. Retrieved March 23, Tuesday March 27, Retrieved December 9, Tampa Bay Times. May 17, Retrieved June 15, No other information was included in the report. Clarksville Police took a report of a female being bitten by a dog on June 4th.

Arizona Wheelis advised that she was attacked by a couple of small dogs at the corner of Cypress Avenue and South Skaggs Road while walking in the area. The three dogs ran up to her and one bit her two times on the left ankle, the other two scratched her right ankle. The report shows that the owner, Angelica Olascoaga was contacted by police and the dogs were taken by Animal Control and quarantined.

Wheelis was advised to seek medical treatment for the bite. Pedro Juanes of Clarksville contacted the Clarksville Police Department on June 2nd after discovering the rear passenger window of his Chevy Silverado was busted out. The female victim, a 28 year old Ozark female, advised that she had been beaten up by a Joseph Yoakem. The victim claimed he got into her vehicle and took her keys and cell phone then dragged her to the bedroom where he tied her up.

The victim said the next thing she remembered was waking up in his garage when a friend came and picked her up. The victim was admitted to Mercy Ozark for treatment with several cuts, a sprained right ankle and a concussion. Yoakem claimed the victim had come to his house intoxicated and started destroying his home causing damage inside the home when he drug her from the residence and called her family to come pick her up.

The report shows that Yoakem was arrested for Domestic Battery. Franklin County authorities arrested a male and female on multiple charges following a pursuit Tuesday evening about pm. Franklin County Deputy Levi White was on patrol on Highway near Bollinger Road when he observed a silver passenger car fail to stop at the intersection.

Deputy White attempted to catch up to the vehicle to conduct a traffic stop when the vehicle accelerated to a speed in excess of 75mph. The suspect vehicle turned onto Military Road traveling westbound when Deputy White lost sight of it. Deputy White continued to patrol the area when he located the vehicle at the intersection of State Highway 22 and Wood Street. Deputy White initiated his emergency lights in order to conduct a traffic stop. The suspect vehicle then pulled out in front of Deputy White and began moving westbound, traveling in the oncoming lane. Deputy White turned around and notified his dispatch that he was in pursuit of a vehicle, giving the descriptions and partial Arkansas LPN of "".

Deputy White also noticed there was a white male driver and a white female passenger. The suspect vehicle then turned south on to South Handcock Street, still traveling in the wrong lane as he passed other vehicles. The suspect vehicle then turned east, through the Correll parking lot, and traveled down the old railroad tracks, headed east. The suspect vehicle then turned north on Vine Street, where Deputy White lost sight of him again.

Deputy White then decided to head back towards State Highway , and move southbound, towards the location of the first encounter. As Deputy White crested the hill, just north of Military Road, he noticed the suspect vehicle at the intersection of Military Road and State Highway The suspect vehicle again pulled out in front of Deputy White, and began traveling southbound at a high rate of speed. Deputy White continued pursuing the vehicle towards South Rattlesnake Road. The suspect vehicle turned into the private driveway of South Rattlesnake Road and began to turn around.

Deputy White placed his vehicle in a position to block the exit route for the suspect vehicle. At approximately P. The impact caused disabling damage to Deputy White's patrol vehicle and caused minor injury to Deputy White who was treated and released at the scene.

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Another Franklin County Unit and a Charleston Unit were near by and had block Rattlesnake Road with their units when the suspect vehicle was proceeding at their location at a high rate of speed. When the suspect vehicle reached their location it pulled into the ditch and went around the two units. Ultimately the vehicle stopped at residence at South Highway 41, with the driver of the suspect vehicle standing on the rear passenger side pouring gas into the vehicle gas tank. Before the suspect had a chance to open the door, I was directly behind him.

The suspect then dropped to the ground and put his hands behind his back. The driver was identified as Ezekiel Scott and the passenger Cheyenne Jones. There were to juveniles in the back seat of the vehicle which were taken by DHS as Scott and Jones were arrested and transported to the Franklin County Detention Center charged with felony fleeing by vehicle, reckless driving, aggravated assault, accident with injury, endangering the welfare of a minor x 2 and criminal mischief 1st degree along with misdemeanor failure to yield, speeding, DWI, driving while dl suspended for DWI, drinking in public and resisting arrest.

Gaylon Furr of Scranton age 37 was driving a Honda moped and was traveling north on Crawford Street when he struck an animal that ran across the roadway in front of his front tire causing him to crash. Furr was transported to the Johnson Regional Medical Center by Johnson County ambulance for treatment of minor injuries. When Deputies arrived they determined that a Ford F truck and a utility trailer had been stolen from the business. Then on Saturday, a call came in from a resident in the Woodland area of a large section of their fence torn down.

When Deputies arrived at that location they located the stolen truck in the pasture, it had been burned and was a complete loss, deputies also located the stolen trailer in the western part of the county, it was undamaged. Sheriff Jones said that a Chad Malaska was arrested in connection with the investigation. A fourth subject is being sought in connection with the investigation. The baby was transported to Sparks Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Police believe that the baby had been dead for several hours before they were contacted, it is suspected that the baby was smothered sometime during the middle of the night.

Buchanan was arrested and booked into the Crawford County Detention Center for 1st degree murder. The investigation continues into two deaths discovered this week. Logan County authorities requested West Fork Police notify his wife of the death. When West Fork Police went to the residence no one answered the door. Some evidence was collected at the scene and the body of Lori was sent to the crime lab for an autopsy, a cause of death was not clear.

The investigation is continuing at this time. Donna Everson advised that she arrived at the property to mow when she noticed that an old non-working air conditioner was missing that had been sitting in front of the trailer. Blake Funderburg advised that he believed that his Ford Fusion had been vandalized by someone trying to pry open the back door. The report shows that Sgt. Ramsey advised that she was at Piney Creek swimming and when she returned to her vehicle she found that someone had hit her vehicle. The vehicle was parked at the bridge on Highway 64 about a mile east of Hagarville at the time.

The vehicle was a Dodge Ram pickup black in color. A 16 year old male, a 15 year old female and a 13 year old female were reported to have run-away from the shelter the night before. Deputy David Nichols responded and took the three back to the Shelter. The next day, Saturday June 2nd, Franklin County authorities were called back to the Youth Shelter in reference to two runaways.

A 16 year old male and a 13 year old female had run-away again.

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The call came in around 8am, at 11am both juveniles were located walking on Highway 96 and transported to the Franklin County Detention Center. The 13 year old female was picked up by her parents, the 16 year old male was transported to the Yell County Juvenile Detention Center on probation charge.

Clarksville Patrolman Lance Clubb was on routine patrol May 31st when he observed a motorcycle matching the description of a motorcycle stolen from the Holiday Inn Express 5 days earlier. The motorcycle was pulling into Woodards Recycling on Blackburn Street. Patrolman Nathan Warren was setup at the back gate and activiated his emergency lights and attempted to stop Malaska on Oakland Street but he failed to stop and began fleeing at a high rate of speed disregarding all traffic control signs.

Chad Malaska approached the intersection of Oakland Street and Crawford Street and again failed to stop almost colliding with the cross traffic on Crawford Street and this allowed him to elude Patrolman Warren for a short time until Malaska was spotted turning onto Highway 64 West by Patrolman Larry Boggs who was responding to the area.

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Patrolman Boggs had is emergency blue lights and siren activated when Malaska began to flee again and pass vehicles in an unsafe manner at a high rate of speed in excess of one hundred miles per hour. Chad Malaska then fled the scene on foot via the powerline right of way. Over the weekend, on Saturday, Malaska was arrested and booked into the Johnson County Detention Center for theft of property, theft of motor vehicle and commercial burglary.

The report shows that the mower caught fire while it was loaded on a trailer, it was owned by Fred Myers. Myers said that he pushed the off the trailer before the fire could spread to the trailer. The mower was a total loss, it was a Craftsman zero turn. A meeting was held on Wednesday of the City of Ozark Building Committee to discuss bids for the mechanical aspects of the new fire station. There were 9 different bid packages to be reviewed.

Mark Pope approached Deputy Anderson when he arrived at the scene and was stumbling and had slurred speech, he also smelled of intoxicants when talking. As Deputy Anderson attempted to arrest Pope, he resisted but was placed into handcuffs. When Deputy Anderson attempted to put Pope into his patrol unit, Pope hit the outside of the unit leaving a dent in the side of the unit, he also kicked the inside of the unit multiple times while inside. When they arrived at the Detention Center, Pope kicked Deputy Anderson in the stomach area while he was being removed from the unit and during booking came at a Detention Center guard and had to be pepper sprayed.

The call of the disturbance involved Pope damaging a door inside the home of his Aunt and pulling a knife while arguing with his sister. Pope was charged with felony 2nd degree battery of an officer and misdemeanor terroristic threatening, criminal mischief 2 counts, public intox, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Powell said he had been in the hospital and away from home for a few weeks and during that time someone had stolen some silverware, cups, glasses and food from his home.

In additional to the household items, a portable car battery charger and some plant seed and fertilizer were missing. Sossamon reported that sometime on May 22nd or 23rd someone stolen a Green Polaris Ranger from a shed on property he owns in the block of Highway 64 west. Jacob Boen was on patrol in the area of East Main Street when he observed a black Toyota pickup occupied by a white male parked at the Dodge Store near a fuel pump and remembered a similar vehicle was recently stolen and had been painted black.

Boen turned around to make contact with the driver, when he did the driver of quickly backed from the pump and sped away.

Boen activated his emergency lights and siren in an attempt to stop the vehicle as it sped away with speeds in excess of 75mph on Sykes Street. The vehicle was able to allude Sgt. Boen was able to identify the driver as Cory Donnelly who was a suspect in the original theft of the vehicle. The report shows that felony prosecution report will be filed on the incident. The clerk reported that a white Chevy two door passenger car pumped 15 gallons of fuel and then drove off without paying.

On June 5th, Clarksville Cpl. Trent was dispatched to property owned by David Lewis in the block of Levi Lane in reference to a door being kicked in. Lewis advised that he woke up to find the front door open and the frame busted. The garage door was also open about 2 feet. Nothing was missing from the home. Clarksville Police were called to the Clarksville Family Pharmacy on June 4th concerning someone picking up a fraudulent prescription.

A male subject had called trying to fill a prescription under the name of a patient that had passed away. Clarksville Police arrived to find the subject in the drive through. The male subject was questioned at the police department and admitted to trying to fill the prescriptions belonging to his deceased wife. The report did not indicate any arrest or charges.

The homeowner said that the house alarm went off about 3am at the residence in the block of Clear Creek Road Wednesday morning, the home owner said he grabbed his shotgun and went to see why the alarm was going off. When the homeowner opened the door, Byrns attacked him, the two wrestled before the homeowner shot Byrns in the head with the shotgun, Byrns then fled the scene and was later arrested during a traffic stop in Crawford County and was transported to Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville where he was admitted in stable condition with a gun shot wound to the head.

Byrns is facing several felony charges. EMS was dispatched to the scene due to report of possible injuries. At the scene a Toyota Corolla was found sitting on the double yellow lines on Highway facing east with damage to all side and undercarriage, air bags deployed. The driver was Branson Wilson age 25 of Charleston, the passenger was a 14 year old male juvenile, both had minor injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Witness reported that the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed when it lost control. The report indicates that Wilson was arrested for DWI, endangering the welfare of a minor, failure to maintain control, reckless driving, no proof insurance. Road and Bowles Gap Road. Nathan Jones of Dover reported that he had just purchased the Dodge pickup over the weekend and that he drove it to work and parked in the usual parking spot off the side of the dirt road.

A couple of hours later he received a phone call telling him his truck was fully engulfed in flames. A witness said the fire was first seen coming from under the hood. The vehicle was a total loss, no one was injured. Whitson said that he got up about 5am to go fishing and discovered the theft. The four wheeler was chained to another ATV, the chain had been cut and the Honda was missing.

The bill was found by the bank during processing of a deposit. It was not known when the bill had been received of from whom. A male passenger was subsequently arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. During transport, the subject stated he had meth hidden on his person. Upon arriving at the detention center, the officers were able to locate and seize approximately 20 grams of suspected methamphetamine. The subject was booked into the Logan County Detention Center on numerous felony charges. The officer gained probable cause to search the vehicle and located a syringe containing a clear liquid.

The substance showed a presumptive positive reaction as methamphetamine. Unfortunately, no one took responsibility for the contraband, so three male subjects were arrested on felony charges and transported to the detention center. Arrests records from Tuesday show that a 24 year old Jason Rowe, 21 year old Michael Dunn and a 20 year old Charles Whitecotton were all arrested for possession of controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mark Woolsey reported that the back door of the property had been kicked in and someone had gained entry. Nothing appeared to be missing although it did appear that someone had gone through the cabinets and drawers of the cabin. Michael Selby reported that he and his family were out of town for the weekend and when they returned they discovered the shed doors on their property open. He then discovered a pressure washer, leaf blower, hedge trimmer and a weed trimmer had been stolen.

Conner advised that he and his family had been out of town and when they arrived home they observed the door inside the garage had been pried open. The call came in of a physical altercation and shots being fired before the physical altercation began. Several law enforcement units responded to the scene and observed a white male subject yelling at a female with a knife in a sheath on his side. The man was then seen taking the knife from the sheath and threaten the female.

Deputies then entered the home and ordered the man to put the knife down, the suspect did not follow the orders on the first command, but at a second command he did drop the knife and got on the ground as ordered. The suspect was identified as 37 year old Joshua Peacock of Lamar. He was arrested for felony aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a minor, resisting arrest and domestic battery.

The report shows that the living room of the home showed evidence that there had been a disturbance with tables turned items scattered around. A 45 caliber pistol and casings were also recovered from the home with bullet holes reported in a screen and window. No one was injured in the incident.

The theft was discovered when then tenant arrived at the home on the 25th of May. There was damage noted to the window seal as well. Arron Arnold and Pio. Arnold and Pio. Boggs responded to two separate medical emergencies in which the victim suffered an opioid overdose that resulted in them being non responsive. Boggs deployed their department issued Naloxone and doing so saved the life of each victim. The trailer was loaded with poultry remnants and had overturned. The roadway was blocked until around 3am Tuesday morning.

Ozark and Watalula provided mutual aid on the approximately 10 acre fire. The primary fuel was a mowed hay meadow with un-baled hay and round bales of hay. Firefighters noted that the ridge the meadow is located on was already drying out after recent rains. That along with high temps and wind gust produced some active fire in green 1 hour fuels. It was a little bit odd fire behavior for a early June fire. Rebecca Thomas reported that an air condition, washing machine and bath towels had been stolen from the residence. She said that the theft occurred on Friday or Saturday. The air conditioner was in a storage shed, the washing machine on the front porch.

The money was found scattered along the roadway in the block of Poplar Street. Sexton was taken into custody which led to the discovery of Methamphetamine and Drug Paraphernalia. Sexton was transported to the Johnson County Detention Center for 2 counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, 2 counts of possession of controlled substance, endangering the welfare of a minor and driving while dl suspended.

Emergency responders were called out to a two vehicle accident with injury north of Ozark on Friday at about 12noon. The accident occurred on Highway North at Highway , one person was transported from the scene of the accident with non-life threatening injuries. The accident was investigated by the Arkansas State Police, no other details are available at this time. We have left a message for the trooper who investigated the accident Friday but have not received a returned call. Collins was a passenger in a Toyota Yaris driven by a minor that ran off the right side of Highway 67 while traveling north bound, after leaving the roadway the vehicle overturned.

The minor driver and a minor passenger were both injured and transported to Unity Health in Searcy while Hannah Collins died from her injuries. The vehicle was driven by Billie Damon age 71 of Ola, ran off the road and overturned ejecting Iris who died from her injuries. Billie Damon was transported to St. The driver of the other vehicle, Matthew Vancleaf age 21 of Ola was transported to the same hospital for treatment.

The vehicle was stopped after exiting I at the Exit 55 ramp. The vehicle was searched and a used syringe with a clear liquid residue which was in the passenger door of the vehicle. The two were arrested and transported to JCDC. The two were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of controlled substance. The driver was Shelby Ross of London. The pipe was located and had a burnt marijuana residue on it. Ross was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A traffic stop by Johnson County authorities on May 24th at pm on Highway 64 near the Coal Hill City Limits resulted in drug paraphernalia being seized. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Joseph Kraus of Damascus. The vehicle tags did not belong on the vehicle it was displayed on.

A search of the vehicle resulted in a clear baggie being found under the radio with a white crystal substance and two Tylenol pills inside it. Kraus was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and cited for fictitious tags, no insurance and failure to register vehicle. A report from the Franklin County Detention Center shows that on Wednesday May 23rd at approximately 6pm, authorities were notified by a trustee that an inmate had fallen in one of the jail cells. Deputy Zachary English accompanied a jailor to the cell 30 where inmate Stacey Raines was seen sitting on a table bleeding from the head.

Raines was transported to the hospital in Ozark where he was treated for injuries that included a fractured nasal bone, fracture tooth, cut to the inside of his mouth and a cut on his head. It was determined that the other inmate involved was Robert Krachey. Krachey is facing a felony charge of 2nd degree battery. Deputy Zachary English was dispatched to the area of Highway 23 south of Ozark on May 23rd pm to a report of road rage. Deputy English observed 2 vehicles traveling south at a high rate of speed. Deputy English initiated his blue lights and caught up to one of the vehicles south of Penny Lane.

This vehicle was determined to be the one which called , the window of the vehicle was punched and shattered. The driver of the vehicle, a 31 year old female from Centerton, advised that she was driving south on Highway 23 approaching Webb City when she passed a small black passenger car that was traveling slowly. The vehicle then passed the victim and turned sideways in the road at the Arkansas River Bridge causing the victim to have to come to a stop. The victim was then able to turn around and head south with the suspect vehicle then chasing her. As they were south bound the suspect vehicle rammed the back of the victims car.

When the victim pulled over at Penny Lane, the suspect vehicle turned onto Penny Lane and could not be located. Clarksville Police were called to the Dollar General on May 22nd in reference to a female in the dumpster refusing to leave. The manager of the business had found the female in the dumpster of the business and asked her to leave, the female replied she did not have to and started cussing the manager, who then called police. The report did not indicate if the female was still there when police arrived but did show that a vehicle belonging to a female from Dover was at the scene.

There was some damage noted to the door. Thompson advised that he arrived home on the 26th to find his back door open. He then discovered some of his property had been stolen, a Billy Cook roping saddle, American roping saddle, guitar, bridles and some prescription medication. The report did not give a dollar amount for the value of the stolen property. Investigator Travis Ball reports that he attempted to stop Voorhees in Ozark about am Wednesday in Ozark, Voorhees fled by vehicle traveling south on Highway 23 before crashing the vehicle he was driving into a field off of Santa Fe Trail south of Ozark behind Aux Arc Park.

After crashing the vehicle he was driving, Voorhees fled on foot and was able to escape arrest. Law Enforcement searched the area by foot and with a drone but have not been able to located him. Tanya Bane age 46 and William Bane age 46 of Clarksville were injured along with 2 minor passengers in their vehicle when their Hyundai was hit head on by a Cadillac on Highway 7 north at pm on Tuesday.

On May 24th, Franklin County authorities were contacted by Rachelle Myers in reference to an aggravated assault. Myers said that she had gone to her fathers house on Highway 64 in Altus to let him see her children. When she got out of her vehicle she handed her father her child, at which time her fathers girlfriend grabbed Myers by the throat and begin hitting her. She then grabbed Myers by the hair and pulled her. Myers was able to get away and get into her vehicle and leave.

The report shows that the suspect was Brenda Brooks and that a warrant for aggravated assault is being sought for Brooks arrest. Chris Curtis was dispatched to Walmart to take a report of eighty dollars in counterfeit twenty dollar bills received at the store. Asset Protection reported that two twenties were used at the Pharmacy and two at a register at the front of the store. At the time of the report video surveillance was being reviewed to determine a possible suspect. Walmart contacted Clarksville Police on May 12th in reference to a shoplifter. Kenneth Kennedy responded and was advised that a Savannah Hughes was seen selecting 2 pair of flip flops and then tear the tag off 1 pair and put them on, she then walked to the register where she paid for the other pair and attempted to leave the store without paying for the pair she was wearing.

Hughes was transported to the JCDC for shoplifting. The vehicle belonged to Wes Harden who was at the home of Amanda Looper where the home visit occurred. Both were transported to the JCDC and a warrant was going to be obtained to search the van. Officers arrived and took the suspect Juan Juanes-Zuniga into custody and during the search of his person Methamphetamine was located along with other drugs.

The driver was identified as Charleen Leal who is on active probation. A Probation search of the vehicle led to the discovery of Methamphetamine and Drug Paraphernalia. Brookli Rowbotham of Hagerville reported that her vehicle license plate had been stolen. Rowbotham advised that she had parked her vehicle at the gravel pull off on highway near the I overpass the night before, when she returned on May 22nd she discovered the license plate missing from her vehicle.

Deputy Pruitt asked Callahan if he had anything illegal in his possession. Callahan admitted to having a few pipes in the glove box. Deputy Pruitt opened the glove box to find 4 marijuana pipes with burnt residue consistent with marijuana. Callahan was arrested for driving on suspended DL, careless driving and possession of drug paraphernalia. The Ozark City Council held a special meeting on Thursday May 24th to consider renting the old Police Department building to the drug court.

He also added that the city may have to look at hiring some of the work done as well, he said that the city would seek bids when it came time for that. This will be the first time Franklin County has had a drug court housed in Franklin County. Stillwell advised that she was contacted via telephone by an unknown male with an Indian accent who told her that she had been selected for an interest reduction. The male convinced Stillwell that he worked for a company called Credit Services and was authorized to make the changes to her account.

Stillwell contacted her credit card company and was advised that the call was a scam. Tina Bateson reported that while she was gone over the weekend someone had taken various tools out of her toolbox in her garage. Among the tools stolen were an impact drill and several Snap-on brand tools.

On May 11, a vehicle was broken into at Citadel Bluff Park. The window of the vehicle was broken and several items were taken. The person who filed the report noted that a white Chevrolet truck that was also parked there had the window busted out of it. If you or someone you know is the owner of the white truck, please contact the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. We have the two individuals who committed the crime identified and with the assistance of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office, retrieved stolen property that may belong to the owner of the truck.

We can be reached at Clarksville Officer Tyler Holt was patrolling the area of East Cherry Street when he heard what sounded like a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed. He then observed a motorcycle at the intersection of Cherry and Main Street, the driver turned onto Highway 21 and then looked back of Officer Holt before accelerating at a high rate of speed. Officer Holt turned on his lights and siren to initiate a traffic stop of the vehicle.

The motorcycle stopped as it pulled onto Highway The driver was identified as Derek Beeman who was arrested for careless driving, no motorcycle endorsement, improper passing and possession of drug paraphernalia. Beeman was found to have a small pipe loaded with marijuana in his possession when he was searched after his arrest. The first occurred at am Saturday on Big Piney Bridge off of Highway when a toddler was killed when they were hit by a vehicle.

The preliminary report indicates that a Jeep was backing out of a parking area when the vehicle struck a toddler reported to be around 1 year old. A 38 year old Lamar resident was killed in a single vehicle accident Saturday night at 7pm on Hudson Springs Road. The injured were transported to UAMS in Little Rock for treatment, reports are that one was treated and released; the other was reported to be in serious condition. The accident remains under investigation, at the time of the report it had not been determined who was driving the vehicle.

Logan County authorities report that a red Chevy pickup stolen earlier this month was recovered Sunday. The break in occurred on Highway north near Mill Creek. The female has some type of tattoo on the right side of her neck, possibly a star. A picture of the female is available on our websites at kdyn. On Friday May 11th, Cpl. Chris Brownlow observed a motorcycle traveling south on Highway at a high rate of speed, radar confirmed the speed to be 75mph in a 55mph zone.

Brownlow initiated his lights and siren to conduct a stop of the motorcycle. The motorcycle did not stop and continued south on , turning north onto Montgomery Street, then to Sears Street where Cpl. Brownlow lost sight of the motorcycle. While patrolling the area to locate the suspect vehicle which was located again on Montgomery and was stopped by Cpl. The driver was identified as Russell Harderson of Clarksville age Harderson advised that he fled because he did not have a motorcycle endorsement.

He was cited to fleeing, no proof insurance, speeding, no motorcycle endorsement and no proof insurance. The motorcycle was a Kawasaki Vulcan. An occupant of the home was transported by ambulance to the hospital for treatment of mainly smoke inhalation we are told. No other details are yet available about the fire. Billie Parks advised that her bank account had been overdrawn and that after reviewing her statements she discovered that her daughter had been using money from her account to pay for a Netflix account since February The report did not show that amount that had been paid to Netflix but did show that Ms.

A 12 guage Benelli shotgun and a 20 gauge Benelli shotgun have been recovered so far in the on going investigation. The guns were among several firearms stolen from cabins on Kenny Hole Road in February of this year, property belonging to James Mikles and Bryan Bone. The report indicates that a warrant will be sought for Scottie Wright in connection with the theft, Wright showed to be the subject who had pawned one of the firearms.

She stated that on the 13th she was visiting her grandmother at 24 White Drive in Clarksville under the carport a neighbors dog jumped the fence and came at her biting her on the upper bicep and scratched her thigh. She said she pushed the dog off and went inside. Contact was made with the neighbors who said they were in the process of building the fence higher to keep the dog in. The report did not indicate if Smithee sought medical attention.

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When it was determined that there had not been a break-in McSperitt was advised she was under arreset for filing a false police report and as the deputies attempted to place her in handcuffs she resisted. She was taken into custody and charged with resisting arrest and filing a false police report. The victim advised that the suspect, Robert Krachey, had thrown her into a ditch while the two were walking on Jennie Road.

The victim sustained cuts and scrapes to her shoulder, arm and legs. The suspect could not be located when Deputy White arrived at the scene. The report also indicates that the couples 8 month old child was present during the incident. A warrant for Krachey on felony domestic battery, disorderly conduct and endangering the welfare of a minor was obtained and Krachey was arrested on Tuesday May Clarksville Police were called to apartment 12 of the apartments at Shady Grove on May 18th in reference to a window being broken out.

The manager of the property reported that she had served an eviction notice to the tenant there and then later received a call from another tenant reporting the window broken out. The apartment was rented by Tristen Carter but occupied by Emmit Dalton. David Carter age 47 of Ozark was pronounced dead at the scene, the driver of the truck was not injured. Sheriff Jones said the burglaries involve vehicles, homes and cabins being broken into. Jones said while there has only been one arrest so far, there are several suspects and arrests and charges will be coming in the future.

The thefts have not been concentrated in one area with incidents all over the county.

Preston Walker advised that sometime during the night before his red Honda Foreman 4 wheeler was stolen from his garage. Deputy Einert arrived to find a Dodge Durango in the ditch of the roadway with damage to all visible portions of the vehicle. Step advised that she had been arguing with her daughter when she ran off the road.

No one else was located in or around the vehicle. Deputy Einert conducted field sobriety tests on Stepp, which she failed and was arrested for DWI and failure to maintain control of a vehicle. She advised she was not injured and did not need an ambulance. The report came in on May 12th at 11pm. Turner's family was shocked when they were told the slaying was likely the result of road rage, claiming their loved one was not confrontational and was never involved in fights.

His ex-wife described him as a reserved, quiet man and said she could not imagine anyone wanting to hurt him. One of Turner's neighbors in Orlando, who wished to remain anonymous, agreed, telling 10 News : 'He was a nice guy. I don't see him having any enemies. Strip Club: Hayes told police he had an altercation with a man at the Tampa Gold Club, pictured, a strip joint, before shooting Turner, thinking he was the man.

Busy route: The shooting happened on the eastbound lanes I-4 heading towards Orlando. He was a quiet guy. I just can't believe that someone would just openly, randomly shoot him on I That's horrible. Investigators were piecing together calls, and calling for information from drivers who were in the area around 3 p. Detectives said they have been in contact with the man Hayes actually intended to shoot. Turner's death bears a chilling similarity to that of David Neel, who was shot dead in in the same area. Neel was shot and killed on March 6, on Interstate 75, while he was heading to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City.

He was killed after someone shot through the driver's side door of his Ford F Neel's killing remains unsolved. Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee said the latest killing took place within a few hundred yards of the attack. The killing shut down the eastbound section of I-4 for almost eight hours on Saturday. Fatal: As Tuner approached the I overpass, shots rang out and he was hit, authorities said. Possible road rage attack: Law enforcement officials in the area initially believed the attack was a case of road rage.

Police said Turner called a dispatcher and said that a man pulled up alongside his car, rolled down a window and brandished a semi-automatic handgun. Turner told the dispatcher he did not recognize the man or have any idea why he was following him. Police said Turner stayed on the phone with the dispatcher, but as he drove on to the I-4 heading towards Orlando, shots rang out. Turner pulled his car off the road and died at the scene.

The caller stated that he had done nothing to cause someone to follow him,' Carter said. Police said they were had the shooting 'apparently on the tape. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Florida road rage slaying was case of mistaken identity as 'killer' who turned himself in thought innocent motorist was man he'd fought with outside strip club Fred William Turner Jr. Share this article Share.